Kabhi kabhi

Kabhi kabhi kuchh aisa lagta ha

Anjan deewaron me quaid hoon

Shayad apne he dil  me quaid hoon

Baahar nikloon

Par daar lagta he

Raah bhatak ne ka

Kabhi kabhi kuchh aisa lagta ha

Tod ke janjiren

Jo shayad mene hi banayi

Ud jaoo khule aasman me

Kabhi kabhi kuchh aisa lagta ha.



One Dialogue

Everyone loves watching movies and I am no exception to this.Recently I went crazy watching movies and saw many movies  with short intervals. My mind was occupied with so many memorable scenes and dialogues of different movies. But the one which striked the most was from the movie Tumhari Sulu starring Vidya Balan as the center character of the movie. One dialogue she said meant, I have not done before, but I can do. The way it was delivered that left a long lasting effect on me. Even after so many days of watching the movie I cannot forget  both, the scene and the dialogue. The dialogue has a powerful impact that says somewhere in my heart that even I can do face all the situations and come out triumphant. This one dialogue has tremendous power to change the circumstances positively as felt by me. It is full of positivity.

Note This is my personal view.

Surajkund Mela

Surajkund mela is organised every year in the state of Haryana in India. This fare is organised in the month of February. The place where it is organised is very close to Delhi. It is spread in a very large area. Though it has been organized since many years but we had the chance to visit this fare this year. I visited the place with my family.

The fare was well organized, many states and some of the countries also participated in it. The fare is mainly organised to showcase the art and culture and the craftsmanship of various artists . The handicrafts of various states are there.The food of various states was also there to enjoy. The live performances by artists of many states was one of the main attraction.

One thing that appealed me was the cleanliness and basic facilities of drinking water and washrooms available there.We spent around four hours there and enjoyed many things and one more important thing, we also did a lot of shopping there,as I felt without shopping the visit was incomplete.We returned from the fare with a lot of sweet memories. It was a day full of fun.


Subah hui, alarm bajaa

Chalo ek naya din aaya

Ye koi nayi baat nahin

Lekin aaj ka din khaas he

Ye nahin aata dobara he

Jo maine aaj jiya

Nahin jee sakta dobara

Ye aaj hi he mera apna

Na kal mera thaa, na hi aane wala kal mera

Main to keval aaj hoon.

Puffy poories

Poories are the bread that is deep fried in oil.                                                                                                One day I was in my kitchen to get the breakfast ready  , as it was a holiday  I thought of making some poories with some aloo(potato) sabzi. As I deep fried the poories and served a kid very  innocently asked me,” why are they swollen ?Are they angry ?”    Then he  kept on    finding so many reasons like are they happy ,want to dance with joy or no no they may be sad and so on . When the breakfast was over the puffy poories were still moving in front of my eyes.                                                                                                  Even today whenever I fry the poories or find the puffy poories at any place it makes me remind of that child and also i think why are the poories so puffy?