I had been away from my blog for a very long time .It felt as if my blog is no more in existence. But now i am here again. In between this period i was blessed with agrand daughter. God has given us such a precious gift of life. Now i have entered a new phase of life that is Grannyhood. That was a very memorable day in my life,we all werewaiting outside the operation room of the hospital , anxiety could be seen on our faces. After some time a nurse came out and gave the good news.I felt tobe on cloud nine,my happiness knew no bounds. We all were eager to see the new member of our family. After sometime the doctor showed us the baby, she looked a tiny angel. When she was moved to hervroom we were able to hold the baby in our arms. That moment is still unforgettable. The very feel of holding the baby of our daughter aand i was lost in the memory of the day when i held my daughter in my arms for the first time. Now the motherhood has climbed a step further. The journey of my grannyhood begins now.

Me and Yoga

I have no idea of what Yoga is. For me at times yoga and meditation were the same thing. But i was wrong until recently. As i am a walk lover i go to walk everyday i see many people practicing Yoga and there face and body had acalm look . This attracted me and i was in search of some person who could guide me. Atlast i found a person with the help of my friend. Today was my first day at his class and to my surprise i liked it although it seemed a bit difficult as my body is not used to any physical activities. But hope that i will be able to learn and practice some good activity.

Year 2018

The year 2018 has gone and the new year has stepped in our life. Looking back to the year I have a feel of happiness  in my heart. The year has given a promotion to my life, a tiny sweet new member has entered in my life with her soft  and tender look. Yes! our grand daughter has come in our life with lots of happiness . This has made me a proud grandmother. This was the great moment in my life when I first touched her, picked her in my arms, her innocent smile filled my heart. She took me from a mother to grand mother.

Makaan se ghar

Aajkal nahin rehta sannata  ghar mein mere

Ab ye makaan se ghar lagne laga he

Kisi kone se aati farmaish ha

Kahi khanakte bartan hein

Aajkal nahin rehta sannta ghar mein mere

Ab ye makaan se ghar lagne laga he

Kahin khilkhilati hasin he

Kahin bikharta sangeet he

Aajkal nahin rehta sannata ghar mein mere

Ab ye makaan se ghar lagne laga he

Hawaaon mein tairty khushboo he

Bolti bejaan deewaren hein

Aajkal nahin rehta sannata ghar mein mere

Ab ye makaan se ghar lagne laga he