Meri kashti

Barish ka mausam aya

Kaale badlon ne dhak liya aasman ko

Achanak.  Garajte badlon  ne dastak dee dil par mere

Khula darwaja aur bachpan nikal kar bhaga

Laga naach ne man mayur barish mein

Beparwah is duniya se

Bachpan ne Lee angdai aur kagaj ki kashti ek banayi

Kashti ko tairaya barish ke paani mein

Phir ek hawa ka jhonka aya aur kashti takrayi patthar se

Dil dhadak gaya  joro se, aansoo chhalak gaye aankhon se

Aansoo mil gaye barish ke paani mein aur pahuche thaamne kashti ko

Kashti dekh  sukoon mila dil ko

Meri kashti tair gayi paani mein

Barish ki boonde muskura gayi

Baadal,bijli roshan kar gaye dil ko

Meri kashti khil uthi barish mein

Kashti chali dheere dheere saath mere dil me, beparwah is duniya se.

Ek parinda

Mein hun ek parinda bin pankh ka

Aaj main boodha hun kabhi mein bhi rehta ek ghar mein

Harebhare darkht ke kotar mein

Tinkoon  ke naram bichone per sota tha

Kabhi Mandir ki munder per baith jata

Aarti ka diya roshan karta man ko

Kabhi masjid ki ajaan kaano mein ras gholti

Swachhand udta firta vishal Gagan mein

Kabhi puja ka prasad chakhta, kabhi langar ki roti khata

Kabhi biryani ka lutf uthata 

Dhire dhire main boodha hone laga

Ang shithil hone lage

Ek din  pragati ki aandhi ayi kata darkht aur toota mera gharonda

Ub mein awara jese bhatakta rehta hun

Phir kisi ne pakda aur pankh kutar dale

Yun hi lutf uthane ko

Chhod diya muje sadak par mar jane ko

Ab mein her  pal saanse ginta rehta hun

Mein hun ek parinda bin pankh ka

Wish of an Eraser

How can an eraser make a wish? We all are familiar with an eraser, we all have used it early childhood days and also we use it sometime or the other . Eraser is a simple block of rubber material, it is flexible. The eraser can be of any shape or colour as nowadays we have a lot of variety of erasers with the stationary stores.

One day as I opened my old stationary drawer and found a very attractive colourful eraser lying there. I just picked it and placed on  a corner of my study table. As I was busy with a sketch in my drawing notebook I needed an eraser now and then. Here I picked my old eraser and worked with it frequently. After my work being done my fingers played with that tiny lovely eraser in my hand. To my surprise the eraser started talking with me. It first thanked me for taking it out of the drawer after along period of time, it took a deep breath and was happy .Then it asked me a very typical question.”What is my work , can you tell me?”You just erase whatever goes wrong, I simply replied. The eraser sighed and looked at me sadly. It slowly said me if I would like to know about its wish. I stopped all my work and curiously said ,yes. Here it started saying.

I wish I could erase a lot of things, like bitter memories from one’s mind and make his heart filled with happiness.I could erase sad moments from one’s life. I could erase the boundary walls of hatred and differences between human beings.I could erase all the wrongs.

Then it sighed again and sadly said, But you know I can’t do anything because I can just erase the works of a humble pencil only.Hope I had power to erase wrongs done by humans too.Here the tears rolled down  its eyes and it was silent.


Seed called love

What you sow so shall you reap,is the old saying. We grow up hearing and reading this saying numerous times in life. What we sow also grows and multiplies  this is also true.

Once an old man as teaching a group of children some moral science lessons. He laid stress on what we sow in soil comes back multifolded As we sow seeds in a field they give a nice harvest in return. But it is possible only because the seeds are nurtured with manure and love and care of the farmer. Farmer’s heart and soul  are there with the seeds.

A little girl standing in the corner was listening to  whole narration  very keenly.Next day the girl came to that man with her tiny fists closed. She asked him very innocently whether she could give him some seeds and would he sow them . The old man agreed and asked what seeds she wanted to grow. She opened her hands and the old man could not find anything there. He asked  her confused as there was nothing what she wanted to sow. The reply she gave was very heart touching. She said ,”here i hold the seeds  called Love and i want to sow them, so that it will grow and multiply.

The old man was astonished and tears rolled down his eyes as he looked at the innocence of the child and her wish to do good .


Daal dhokli

Since a long time I had been thinking to prepare Daal Dhokli  as I had read the recepe from Tarla Dalal a famous cook book writer. I found the recepe very interesting and it sound very simple to make. Ultimately recently I prepared the dish . The outcome was awesome. It tasted amazing and I am all praise for the lady writer of the recepe.I searched the recepe from her page on u tube and I started following it. The dish was so yummy and mouthwatering I can’t resist sharing it with my blog readers. Here I am also attaching the picture of the dish cooked by me with all praise to Tarla Dalal.