Mutthi Bhar

Saleti huye aasmaan ko

Mutthi bhar rangoon se bhar doon

Banjar si murjhai mitti meim

Khushiyon ki paudh lagaoon

Shant samundar ki lehron par

Jeevan sangeet likhoon

Mutthi bhar jugnoo se

Roshan dunia kar doon

Mutthi bhar sapno ki

Chaadar bun ,unki mutthi mein so jaoon

Table Cover

Yes, today I have put a new table cover on my dinning table. One may think what is so special about this. True, its a very different table cover with a history of its own. Its a crochet pattern knit table cover. This is knit by my mother. My mother was very fond of knitting asshe isnow too, but due to old age she is not able to do it now. Even i learnt from her knitting crochet patterns and knitting patterns with needles. She has taught me many creative skills. This table cover she started knitting long ago but due to some reason it was all forgotten incomplete for many years. One day as she was shuffling some old stuff and i was with her helping do that suddenly a bundle fell down. To my surprise as i opened it there lay this piece of work, but it was in a bad shape and incomplete done. I took it and asked my mother what is she going to do with this now. She offered me the incomplete stuff and said let me do whatever i wished to do with it. Even if i wish i could throw it. So I took it home and kept with me for a few days. Then one day i opened it andto my surprise it was of my table size as I spread it on the table it was so beautiful. So I decided to complete it as the thread was also present with it inthat bundle. Now it was my turn to try my hands on it. After working on it for two three days outcome was something beautiful. It is also very special for me as it is the blend of work of both mother and daughter.( my mom and me).

Here i am sharing the picture of this crochet knit table cover.

When One Ingredient is missing

The day started as usual today also.The morning Sun has come to wake me up. I gathered all my energies and got up. First and foremost work of the day is having a favourite breakfast for us. So today also I moved towards the kitchen and quickly some delicious breakfast was on table. As we were enjoying breakfast I noticed that it lacked our favourite flavour. Here began the discussion “what is missing today?”As the dish was our favourite one,so no complaints about this. The presentation was appealing to eyes and taste buds too responded to it.Everything is fine buutttt still something is missing . Whether it is some spice,or what we couldn’t get it.And the breakfast was finished amidst this all discussion.

Morning was over but my mind could not escape from this breakfast table. One unseen ingredient could affect us so strongly. It could spoil our day. What if such small unnoticed yet important ingredient of life go missing?Life is a blend of numerous things which make it life.

Tootee Payal

Har pal mere paaroon se lipti

Naajuk si dor

Jab bhi chalti mein

Mere kadmon ki taal se

Sur milaate tere ghoonghroo

Aur sangeet maye ho jaata

Chhota sa aashiyana mera

Teri khanakti aawaaaz

Tere hone ka ahsaas karaati

Bandhan mein bhi muskurati

Aaj ho gayi he maun

Farsh par padi tootee payal meri


Everyday i face the situation;” what to have for breakfast today?”So as I was looking for something different from my everyday routine but simple and easy to cook recepe. Here Icame across the recepe of this dish named Dabeli. Its a gujrati dish and we had eaten it when we were in Ahmedabad. I had liked it very much. Now I seached some food channels and found a channel named Hebbers Kitchen. Iread the recepe and found it very simple to cook. Now I was ready tomake it and happy to get a new dish on my table.

I collected all the ingredients and followed the instructions religiously. The outcome was a great dish for us. Thanks to the recepe. Here I have the pictures clicked during the process of cooking.

Saanjh Ka Sooraj

Thake paanw sooraj raja

Chal diya ghar ki or

Hath liye sapno ki gathri

Dhire dhire laga doobne

Andheron ke saagar mein

Malin hua roshan chehra

So ga ya wo, kho gaya wo.

Fir chupke se aaker

Chaand ne thama uska hath

Laaker khada ker diya

Fir subah ki dahleej par

Bandh liya chaand ne sooraj ko

Taron ki dor se

Neend khuli sooraj ki

Chidiyon ke shor se

Peanut Chutney


I am very fond of Chutney. I love preparing as well as eating different types of Chutney. For a long time I prepared corriander and mint chutney. I was searching for a new recepe of Chutney. Then one day my daughter suggested that I can prepare this simple, easy to make and tasty Chutney. She shared the recepe with me and I quickly prepared it. The result was awesome,it tasted yummy and looked very nice. So I thought of sharing the pic ofmy peanut Chutney.